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Achillea Millefolium

Wild Harvested


Taken internally, Miss Yarrow is a wonderful anti-viral.  I have used her with great delight to prevent the flu during onset in my infant.  I also like to take her when travelling by plane just in case.  She is great for stopping blood flow as well and can be helpful with hemmorhage. 


Externally, i like to put the tincture into a spray bottle diluted with water and use it for skin rashes, acne, or any bacterial or yeasty issues.  She makes a great mouthwash as well.  She has a great ability to balance the bacteria making them more harmonious and helping with the dreaded halitosis.  As a spray the military has even found her to be MORE effective than DEET at repelling bugs. 

1oz Yarrow Leaf and Flower Tincture

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