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1oz Belly Love Digestive Tonic (curly dock root, burdock root, dandelion leaf, flower and root, 100 proof vodka)


Having a gut feeling?  Science now agrees with what wise women always knew, they have found brain cells in the gut (and in the heart), showing that our gut is a thinking, feeling mechanism just like our brain.  "Trust your gut" of course.  When our gut is out of harmony or overly stressed by the foods we eat or the lifestyle we live we can experience a range of symptoms from painful sensations to mental health issues and beyond.  Wise people know that gut health is the foundation for good health.  This tincture taken daily works to tone the entire digestive system while also purifying the blood and supporting liver health.  This is a superb tonic to establish or maintain good gut health.  

Belly Love Digestive Tonic