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This juniper smoke wand will invite the creative and protective wisdom of the great elder Juniper tree into your home.  Juniper is known by many cultures around the world to be not only protective but purifying.  When we see a Juniper in the wild it is usually standing "against all odds" and this lends itself to the medicine of Juniper.  This harvest is from my home Juniper which I have been greatly impressed with since I first visited this property.  It truly is standing against the odds as it has been hacked away at by previous owners until only the top branches are left, but those branches are filled with green and truly flourishing.  I had to climb high atop a ladder to reach the lowest branches. 


suggested use: burn in the morning as part of your daily waking up ritual or before ceremony or when you know your home will be filled with many energies. 

Juniper Smoke Wand