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A sitz bath is a wonderful way to treat all of your issues "down there".  Whether you suffer from hemorrhoids, post-partum tears, yeast infection or vaginal dryness this sitz bath can cool, soothe and comfort your delicate underworld while adding moistness and pliability to the tissues.  Each large sachet includes plantain leaf, comfrey leaf, milky oat tops, calendula flowers and chamomile flower and leaf. Package includes 3 single use sachets.


Suggested use: to use as a sitz bath place sachet filled with herbs into a shallow bucket or pan big enough for your rump to fit in (you can also use the bathtub filled to waist level when sitting).  Add boiling water and let steep until the water is still warm but cool enough to sit your very delicate parts into.  Sit here and enjoy for as long as you have time but at least 10-15 minutes. 


Alternatively you could use this as a yoni steam by placing the sachet into a pot or pitcher that will fit between you feet at hips width distance.  Fill with boiling water and let sit for 5-10 minutes to steep.  Stand or squat over the pitcher with the steaming water in it and let the steam rise up to your "yoni" or vaginal opening.  Please make sure not to burn yourself.  I like to use a skirt or towel to wrap around me and trap the steam in so that it travels up.  You can sing or chant or play a drum or rattle during this practice.  Stand over the steam for as long as you have but at least 10 minutes. This sacred practice is wonderful to lubricate and heal the tissues of the yoni, a womans source of power.

Sitz Bath Tea