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4oz Yoni Loob: Vaginal healing salve and personal lubricant


You asked for it and now it is finally here!  Many of my customers have asked for something to help with vaginal dryness.  Formulated with comfrey, calendula, chickweed, local honey, extra virgin olive oil and beeswax this nourishing creamy salve is super healing to sensitive vaginal tissues.  Use daily to thicken tissues that naturally thin during menopause, create elasticity, lubricate, moisturize, enhance sensation and heal damaged tissue.  This is not only perfect for the menopausal woman but also for post partum care.  This loob also tastes great so it can be used with a partner if your feeling frisky! 


Suggested use: Apply liberally with clean hands to vaginal area.  Use twice daily to restore elasticity and lubricate or as needed.

Yoni Loob