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Mentorship and Consultation

My approach to healing can be summed up in a few words, Empowerment, Self-Reliance and Truth.  Whether you suffer from physical or spiritual health issues, together we can get you to a better place.  I offer myself to walk beside you as you face your challenges head on, offering you support, resources and honesty.  I work with herbs, movement and nutrition (and anything else we can draw from) in what I call Lifestyle Medicine to help you live your best life so that you can do the work you are called to do. 


About Me:

For 15 years I have worked with under served youth and women teaching yoga, empowerment based self-defense, leadership skills, music/songwriting, and self-love.  During this time I have integrated plant medicine both into my personal life and into my community.   My entire life has been a quest for self-reliance and healing and I love to teach what I have learned. 

I believe that plant medicine is the people's medicine and that power should rest in the hands of the common folk. 

I believe that the medicine for the people should be accessible to the people

I believe that a healthy community has women at it's center. 

I believe that true healing has no ending and no beginning. 

I believe that "Health" is something more than perfect test scores and a thin physique. 

I believe that EVERYONE deserves to live their best life, no matter what circumstances they may face. 


We are each given unique tasks in this life, my job is to help you do yours in the best way possible.

Do You Believe?

What you will learn
  • Leadership

  • Empowerment

  • How to access the Divine Feminine within

  • Plant medicine

  • Self-Love

  • How to put an end to oppressive patriarchal beliefs

  • How to become a fully embodied woman

  • How to become a warrior

  • How to walk in the way of beauty

  • Sisterhood

  • The power of women

  • and much more....

Are you ready?


I currently offer three options for those who would like to work with me.

Email Correspondence/Consultation


An email from you to me and me to you talking about anything you want.  Got a question about an herbal remedy, health issue or lifestyle issue?  My response will be as thorough as your question.

Skype or In person Consultation

$50-75 sliding scale/hour (minimum 1 hour)

This is for those who need help working on long standing health or lifestyle issues but are not able or wanting/needing to commit to the Personal Mentorship.  We will discuss lifestyle changes, herbal remedies, and other ways we can get you to a better place.

Personal Mentorship

$225-300 sliding scale/month (minimum 1 month)

This option is for those who would like a deeper connection to me and one on one guidance with health issues, life transformation or herbal knowledge.  Included is up to 4 email correspondences per month and 4 in person/video chat sessions per month.  This price also includes herbal medicines that I recommend and that we both agree would be beneficial to your journey (1 or 2 per month) and my monthly newsletter with herbal tips and wisdom. (This is a $40o value)  **For the personal mentorship there will be ONE free consultation with me to decide if you and I are are right together.  This consult will last 30 minutes to 1 hour and will be done via phone or skype.

*Once you decide you would like to work with me, contact me and I will tell you how to proceed with payment, scheduling etc.